Preparation for College and Beyond

The curriculum in our Catholic schools is designed to prepare students for college and beyond. Serving Pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, the Catholic schools provide a Christ-centered education in which Catholic identity permeates the entire curriculum. The curriculum encourages our students to reach their fullest capacity and teaches the whole child, spiritually, academically, physically and socially.

The Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Austin (CSDA) has not adopted the Common Core Standards. The diocese does not plan to change its position. CSDA uses the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) state standards, which have been adopted by the Texas State Board of Education. CSDA are accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department (TCCED), which is recognized by the Texas Education Agency. As part of the accreditation process, the Catholic schools must demonstrate teaching the Texas state standards.

Each Catholic school is a faith community within an academic community, where the intensive collaboration among parents, students and staff results in a comprehensive learning environment that goes well beyond the 3 R’s. In addition to the basic skills in Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Religion, Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Austin incorporate other key disciplines into the curriculum. Service learning is core to our Faith and is integrated at each school through required community service projects and a minimum of community service hours. In addition to service learning, schools also offer:

  • Foreign language studies – Spanish and Latin are offered Diocese wide, with select schools offering other languages like German and Chinese
  • Technology learning through computer skills classes and other special programs that allow our schools to offer opportunities on the forefront of technology
  • Music programs including orchestra, musical theater, choir and theater

For more details on the curriculum offered at a school that interests you, please visit the school profile page in the Find a School section. Additionally, a wide variety of after-school activities are offered at schools diocese wide, including athletics and academic clubs.