Faith Based and Community Oriented Education

All Saints Day celebration

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Austin offer transformative education integrating high quality academics with the teaching of Catholic values. We achieve this by focusing on the development of the whole child spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. There is much evidence of the visible symbols of the Catholic faith. Weekly Mass is a vital part of school life, there are celebrations of liturgical seasons and traditional Church practices, annual retreats are held for faculty and students and all forms of prayer are an integral part of school life. Daily readings of scripture and the utilization of prayer corners/tables in each room are encouraged. Additionally, students, families and coaches are expected to foster good Christian sportsmanship.

Church teachings and Gospel values are identifiable in the philosophy, school mission and staffing practices, including assessments and evaluations. There is an atmosphere of respect among all members of the community. Our Catholic schools form a faith community that invites its members to pray and to worship. It is also a place of evangelization where the Gospel message is proclaimed. Additionally, our schools provide opportunities for its members to transform the world through justice and service. A high school graduate from a Catholic school in CSDA is a person who is open to growth, intellectually competent, mature in his/her faith, a loving person and committed to social justice.

Our Catholic schools provide a safe environment for students to learn and grow, with faculty that provides both spiritual and instructional leadership. Read more on what to expect from the Catholic school environment.