Catholic Schools have the Secret to SUCCESS

GraduationThere will be times for students when all the academic education in the world will not give them the answers they need. Such answers are found only through faith.

Catholic school education seeks to guide students to these answers in an atmosphere that is wholly unique. Each Catholic school is a faith community within an academic community where the intensive collaboration among parents, students, and staff results in a comprehensive learning environment that goes well beyond the 3 R’s.

The Diocese of Austin’s 22 Catholic schools provide an outstanding product to our students. Our faculty and staff nurture and sustain the God-given gifts that each student possesses. With the support of the diocesan Strategic Plan for Catholic Schools, our schools work diligently to ensure that the opportunity of a Catholic school education is open to all. Last year, our diocesan schools provided $4 million in financial assistance to families seeking a Catholic school education.

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Austin make a difference in our parishes, our communities and the lives of thousands of young people every year.  Visit a Catholic school to find out how you can sponsor a Catholic school education for a student in your community.