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Year of Mercy

 How are our school celebrating the year of Mercy


  • Simple Solutions (Math Program – free 1 year pilot)
  • Economic and personal finance lessons – Pre-K  – 12th Grade
  • Tax Season Activities – Dave Ramsey, founder of Foundations in Personal Finances Curriculum, has shared the following tax activities for students. Please share with your middle and high school math teachers.
  1.  Dave Ramsey’s Tax Season in the US Activity –  This activity (taken from the Foundations in Personal Finance: Middle School curriculum- CLICK HERE for the activity) will help your students explore the history of taxes in the US.  They’ll also understand a little bit more about what their parents and guardians go through at tax time!
  2.  Talk about Taxes! - Get $20 in one-dollar bills for a visual aid.  Tell your students to imagine that they worked last weekend – They babysat, they mowed lawns, they sold some old stuff, whatever they could think of – And they saved up $20 in cash .  Ask them to share what they would do with that $20.  After they have emotionally spent the $20, share with them the reality that if they earned this from a job, they would have to pay taxes on it.  Take $2 out of the $20 for Social Security & Medicare.  Then take another $5 out for federal income tax.  Your students $20 just turned into $13!  They will probably want to know what the government does with all of the money it collects, which leads into activity #3…
  3.  Citizen’s Guide to the Federal Budget -  The IRS has put together some interesting tools for students, including the charts at that show students where the government’s budget dollars come from and how the government spends all of that money!

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State of Texas  Textbook Adoption Cycle St. Dominic Savio Spring Boost Math Program

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2016 List of Approved Religion Texts for Instruction

  1. Religion Curriculm Master
  2. Pre-K
  3. Kindergarten
  4. Grade 01
  5. Grade 02
  6. Grade 03
  7. Grade 04
  8. Grade 05
  9. Grade 06
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