Superintendent’s Message

It is a privilege for me as Superintendent and for the Catholic Schools Office to serve the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Austin. Why Catholic schools? Catholic schools educate students to succeed in a changing world; for we live in such a diverse, mobile, and changing global environment. The world our students will live and work in as adults will be very different than it is today.

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Austin offers transformative education, integrating high quality academics with the teaching of Catholic values. We achieve this by focusing on the development of the whole child – spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

As a former front line administrator and educator, each new school year conjures up in my mind images of students entering school campuses with excitement and anticipation. Even in these challenging times, enrollment across the diocese is up, bringing our total student population to over 5,000. This growth is a reminder of the sacrifices parents make to send their children to Catholic school and the value they see in the education being received.

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. Ned Vanders

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